Who we are?

Exploring, understanding and embracing the new world of work

We believe that together, with a bit of digital ‘clever’ we can step-change leadership development and innovation, in any industry.

Our Mission

To help the leader inside of everyone Embrace the Future of Work.

Building adaptive capacity, resilience and emerging work practices by  connecting thought leadership to practical application.

TheNXT brings together a unique fusion of ‘above the line’ (tactile and practical) and ‘below the line’ (mindset the interpersonal) agile practices, resources, training and ideas to develop capable, confident leaders ready to embrace the future of work.

Our Journey 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

Whatever your experience, it’s evidently clear that we can no longer continue to operate our companies in the same hierarchical and siloed manner we have for the last one hundred years. 

The world is changing and fast!

While the rest of the world has been catching up we have been trialing and experimenting with Agile and completely new ways of working sourced from some of the most progressive organisations in the world for the last ten years. 

Our Team

Pete Holliday

Agility, Leadership and Organisational Development

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Dave Yeates

Agility, Strategy and Operations

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Connie Erispe

Platform Curator

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We are TheNXT: Thought leaders leveraging work practices & insights from the world’s most progressive and innovative companies.

A multi-modal approach to the future of work

To improve the capacity and capability of leaders, we build fitness and resilience in the midst of change and their day-to-day work while providing an avenue to journey through the changes and their impacts more intentionally.

We provide tools to improve change tolerance and a development framework that works with leaders (and potential leaders) across cognitive, emotional and interpersonal 'edges'. This multi-modal approach then complements the enterprise change agenda by weaving development and resilience into the work itself.


Thought Leadership

Development shouldn’t come at the cost of progress. And our work presents us with an opportunity to learn, so why not combine them both?

Interviews & Podcasts

Teachable moments are most powerful when they’re both relevant and timely. Bringing localised context into our development material.

Original Content

There’s a distinct difference between people using something, and people wanting something - we want the latter. That said, there’s nothing quite like a seamless user experience.

Amazing Feature

Working in new ways, often needs new tools. We’ve got a number of those tools in development today, ready for release throughout 2021.

TheNXT was founded on a principles-based approach to leadership development.


We work with what we call dynamic principles. These guide and inform the type of products we create, the kind of technology we invest in and the energetic behaviours or ways of working that we build into our day to day business. 

But, ‘that’s just like values...’, we hear you say. Our collective experience working with organisations for over 15 years (each), we’ve come to realise that corporate values, for all their good intention and substantial investment, generally fail to empower and motivate the workplace. Here’s our key difference; while values are internally focused, our dynamic principles are market focused, they’re are shaped and designed around meeting the needs of our clients, not our own wish list. And that’s why they work.