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Culture eats technology for breakfast

Sixteen months ago I started working Chris Ford and the senior leadership and the IT function at SA Power Networks. The mandate was simple, help us become Fit for the Future by assisting the digital transformation and embedding completely new ways of working, that involve being agile as opposed to just doing agile.

Transformations of any sort are notorious for being slow and tedious, with as many as 80 - 90% of failing in the end. This one however has been a resounding success, and it all comes down new ways of working, team work and leadership.

“Technology has changed, of course, but I think the changes in management and leadership techniques and ways of working are just as important. Though I lead the technology function my real focus and strength is in people leadership, the development of capability and team building.” Chris Ford, General Manager IT and Innovation, SA Power Networks. People often ask me investment in the Future of Work and new ways of working actually produce any visible business outcomes or results, I’ll let you decide, SA Power Networks;

  • Australia’s Digital Utility of the Year for Energy 2018
  • Australian CPMO of the year 2018
  • Chris Ford awarded No 5 CIO in Australia 2018 (up from 11th in 2017)
  • Digital Utility Award for ‘Best Use of Technology’ and ICT Project of the Year at the 2018 SA Australian Institute of Project Management.
  • Employee engagement - 70% in 2017, 90% in 2018/19
  • Digital Utility of the year for Energy in 2019

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Life of Mine Conference 2021 Conference Proceedings

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Pete Holliday was interviewed by Leanne Hughes from  the First Time Facilitator about designing organisations for the future of work. You can catch that conversation along with insights on vertical development and other tips on how to equip yourself and your organisation for the future of work.


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Pete Holliday on Working in the accelerated Future: In this episode, listen as Pete and Daniel talk about the future of work, modern leadership development, creating agile team and organisations and everything else that goes along with it in these times of change.

Recent Insights on the Future of Work

The Fit for the Future Framework

I created the Fit for the Future Framework to answer questions about preparing for the future of work. Many organisations are interested in the future of work, but most are unsure of how to to get there or achieve greater levels of business agility. You can use the Fit for the Future Framework as a strategic tool for guiding their organisations evolution.

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The 5 Stages of Organisational Innovation

Lots of organisations use the word innovation but in the work I do, I find that it has multiple meanings. In this white-paper, I explored the application of innovation at different levels of organisational maturity.

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